Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Veganism Day 2

The second day of veganism has gone well, although I did nearly have a slip up. I made some spinach and minty pea soup and just before I added the stock I realised it wasn't vegan! Luckily I found some vegan friendly stock on the side and the day was saved!

Then for dinner I made marinated tofu with coconut rice and griddled vegetables, I found the recipe when Vegweb tweeted it a few weeks ago! I was a bit worried about the tofu, as I didn't have the right type of vinegar and it smelled pretty weird, but it was actually really nice!

We also have some of Phoebe's vegan icecream which I blogged about a few weeks ago brewing in the freezer! It looks a bit rank at the moment, I'll get another picture when we serve it up tomorrow!
So yeah, day two is going well. I've only had a craving for cheese once when my housemate opened the oven and I could smell her lovely cheesy pasta bake!


Ooh the tofu looks awesome! I've only had it once before and I'm pretty sure I cooked it wrong as it was nasty! But will deffo be trying it griddled :)

Yeah whenever I usually make it it's horrible! But I've found two recipes now that are okay (I'm going to make the other this week) and I want to try tofu scramble tomorrow!

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