Thursday, 3 March 2011

I love cheese!

I forgot about this, but two years ago my friends and I had a 'cheese gathering' as we all share a common love of cheese. I am a massive cheese addict so this was my ideal night! We started off shopping for different cheese in a variety of shops, but the best had to be the Deli in Buckingham it has a great range of different cheeses and we even managed to pick up some Stinking Bishop! So yeah, there was loads of cheese, biscuits and condiments and after mass cheese consumption we all felt really ill! I went to bed feeling like I could never eat cheese again (this obviously didn't last long!) When I woke up in the morning I discovered that the left overs had been eaten in the night, I couldn't believe that any one could have eaten more, but two of my friends had... ew! But it was still it was such a great night, I want to do another one soon!


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