Friday, 25 March 2011

Veganism Day 4

So day 4, we're over halfway through! I didn't get time to blog yesterday because I was too busy cooking, napping, running a virtual bakery ect... but yesterday was full of lots of lovely vegan food... well apart from these blueberry bran muffins. I've been excited about making them all week, and when I actually did they came out tasting like chewy metal! Two of my housemates actually spat them out... they were that good. So unfortunately they all went in the bin!

But the rest of the day was a success, Laura (other vegan) made this amazing salad and was so excited about it that she took loads of pictures. I liked this as it made me feel like less of a mentalist for taking pictures of my food all the time!

I made a hummus, spinach, carrot and olive sandwich and we sat in the sun eating our lovely vegan lunches! Then for dinner I made pad thai noodles, which is a recipe I found in a cook vegetarian from last year. If I manage to find the recipe, I'll pop it up here later, but it's basically just tofu covered in thai green curry paste and fried, with stir fried red onion, chili and garlic. Then half a lime squeezed over and some soy sauce.

Laura made this stuffed squash for tea, which looks amazing! I wish I was here to try some of it. In lauras words 'I roasted it and I fried onions garlic courgette and tomatoes with spinach then stuffed it with that and cous cous and put it under the grill for a bit then ate it!' I just asked her if it was nice and she said 'yeah was pretty good, I ate both halves'

Then Simone (veggie for lent) and I got home after too much free wine and had the munchies. Usually after a night out I'd want jalapeno creams, but as I obviously couldn't have these we went for vegan nacho waffle burgers (with nacho bean burgers from Asda). We discovered that you can put potato waffles in the toaster, which is amazing!


I love these veggie burgers... Good choice :)

I made vegan truffles today... you should give them a go if you fancy a proper chocolate treat!

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