Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Good Housekeeping's Cook Book 1953

I love cook books, and this one is extra special to me because it was brought for my nan in the 50's and passed on to my dad in 1995. It's now been passed on to me but it still lives at my dads because I don't trust myself not to lose/break/set fire to it. It's such a beautiful book and just optimises the 50's housewife, the recpies are slightly outdated but also classic, and I made a fair few when I was younger and hopefully will again when I have my own house.

I love the fact it has pictures because it just looks so retro and beautiful, it also has adverts from things like cadbury and colmans which just add to its charm. I hope when I'm older my cook books look all cool and retro and I can pass them on to my food loving children.


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