Monday, 21 March 2011

Veganism Day 1

Today was the first day of Vegan week for me and my housemate and it's gone well so far. I had cereal for breakfast with soy milk (not very interesting) and I usually have that any way so it wasn't much different. Then we went food shopping and both managed to spend loads on food, but I think we we're just getting a bit over excited! So after spending a lifetime in Asda, we got home and had lunch. I had a carrot and hummus sandwich on olive bread, with crisps and olives, which was really good. I think my housemate was missing cheese at this point as she kept talking about it while she was making her sandwich!

Then for tea we made a quinoa chili, which I've made hundreds of times before so it wasn't really anything new.

And then about an hour ago my other housemate and I decided to make some vegan short bread so that I had something to dunk in my tea. I'm just waiting for them to cool down and then I'm going to put the kettle one, but I already tried one straight out of the oven and they taste exactly the same as buttery ones.

So today has been a success and I don't think I've slipped up, hopefully the rest of the week will be just as easy.


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