Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Goose Egg Fairy Cakes

My friend G lives in a beautiful house in the New Forest and has chicken and geese in her back garden, very idyllic! When I went round on Sunday she offered me a goose egg, but I couldn't really think of what to do with it. Then on Monday I thought I remembered Nigella or someone saying they were really good for cakes, so decided to make some good old fashioned fairy cakes and G brought me a freshly laid one!

So Simone and I got baking, we counted the goose egg as two chickens eggs and used the traditional fairy cake recipe (100g flour, 100g butter, 100g sugar and 1 goose egg). Annie had to crack it for me, because G once told me a horrific story that coincidentally is why I don't like eating eggs on their own.

The shell was so thick and it took ages to crack, and it had the biggest yolk I've ever seen (well apart from an ostrich)
When we mixed it all up it, the mixture was an amazing vibrant yellow colour. We added some cherrys because in the spirit of making good old fashioned fairy cakes, these were the ones I used to make with my nan when I was younger.

Once they we're baked they were still lovely and yellow and we decided to make butterfly cakes because we hadn't made them since we were young. Although we couldn't remember how to do the wings which is why they all look different!

They definitely tasted different or 'goosey' as Simone put it. They were a lot richer and full of flavour!


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