Monday, 28 March 2011

Day 8 Dairyfest

...well not really. I started my day right with a Artisan Du Chocolat Banana Salted Caramel, but after that I had a vegan breakfast as I didn't have any non vegan food in my cupboard! Then I had Yo! Sushi for lunch which obviously isn't very dairy ridden. So I saved all the cheesy goodness for dinner. The clear choice for a cheese filled dinner had to be fondue, and as I've done swiss fondue to death I decided to try cheddar and cider. I found the recipe on this amazing blog, but in my excitement over buying cheese I picked up red leicester instead of double gloucester.

The fondue was good despite being a bit overpowered by the red leicester, but Simone, G and I definitely enjoyed it. We even had the apple wedges that the blog suggested, because we're all professional like. Also I know this looks a bit romantic (minus the paper plates and cider in mugs), but subject to what G and Simone think, I wasn't trying to seduce them! None of our lights work.

As a side note, I did feel a bit gross about eating cheese after a week of no dairy, but I've obviously managed to get over it!


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