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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Chocolate Festival

As much as I hate to admit it, I love chocolate. Ever since I started work in Hotel Chocolat I have been obsessed, so I was extremely happy to hear there was a whole festival devoted to it at the Southbank center in London. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. There were loads of different stalls exhibiting a wide range of magical cocoa in different forms (including the lovely people who employ me). There was a lot of dairy free chocolate such as Roar Chocolate and also The Chocolate Heart. There was the more traditional chocolates from chocolatiers like Rococo who had an amazing display of painted Easter eggs:

and William Curley who had a sea salt caramel bar: That if it wasn't the end of term and I wasn’t already well into my overdraft I would have liked to buy!

I did how ever buy a few truffles, some vegan ones from The Chocolate Heart that were really smooth considering they didn’t contain any dairy. And also some from a stall I have completely forgotten the name of, but had some interesting flavours, like Rosemary and Armagnac. I asked the man to pick me five interesting flavours and hopefully I can work out what they are later. Although I missed the chocolate making demonstrations, Choc Chick were showing off their Chock Chick kit for making your own chocolate and demonstrating how to use it.

You could also enjoy chocolate in a more unconventional way; there was a chilli and chocolate stall, where you could enjoy cocoa infused chilli nachos and burritos. I tried a tiny veggie chilli sample, and it was definitely different, really spicy with the bitter kick from the cocoa. So it’s safe to say the chocolate obsession has been fed even more.


Who didn’t love Pokémon? It was the greatest game on the Gameboy Colour ever! I was a HUGE fan. I even had a Pokémon theme for my 21st Birthday. So imagine my delight as a bright yellow leaflet labelled RE: Pokémon fell out of my Vice magazine. Vice has teamed up with Nintendo to promote the Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver and commissioned 7 artists to create Pokémon inspired art works. As it was also the Chocolate festival in London the same weekend (more about that later) I decided a trip to London was in order. The studio where it was held was tiny but perfect to hold the 7 works of art. My favourites were the by Richard Robinson:

and Jeffrey Bowman :

Probably because they both had Pokémon from the original 150. Seriously there’s like a million now, I can’t keep up. The exhibition made me more nostalgic than my birthday and now I really want to buy a Gameboy colour and Pokémon red. I might even embrace the new Pokémon and get Heartgold for my DS.

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