Sunday, 6 January 2013

Nelson Street Restaurant, Buckingham

Have I ever mentioned that I have 2 brothers? Well I do, an older one and a younger one, if you don't already feel sorry for me then you should. I went through years of double brother bullying, but we're all grown up now and are pretty much the Brady bunch (probably a lie). Weirdly we all like to cook, my little brothers (lets call him bearded Hef) specialties are very non vegetarian pulled pork and mega sandwiches (think man vs food) and my older brother (lets call him moustached Hef) has worked in restaurants since he was about 16. This year he started working in Nelson Street restaurant and I've had the privilege of eating there twice. I'm not going to do a proper review because it may be slightly biased, but the food really is spectacular as is the decor, the service and the atmosphere of the restaurant. So I'll leave you with some pictures of what I've eaten there, which I'm sure will be enough to make you want to go!

Blue cheese, walnut and poached pear salad
Glamorgan sausages, creamed spinach and beetroot.
Nut roast with dauphinoise potatoes and red cabbage.  
Salt and caramel chocolate tart.
White chocolate fudge, salted caramels and chocolate truffles. 


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