Sunday, 20 January 2013

#captureeuphoria Day 7

I've loved taking part in the Ben and Jerry's #captureeuphoria competition, even if I don't win a huge photography set, including a photography book and two sets of film, (if I do you get the chance to win one too!) It's been lovely thinking about what makes me happy every day. The last picture I'm going to post is more of a euphoric memory. It's so cold at the moment, I think everyone in the UK is probably wishing for the summer, myself included. So today's picture is from one of my favourite moments from last summer, when Vegan Emma and I were staying at the Creepy Death Cabin. We were on our daily stick foraging mission and exploring the forest when it only seemed right to get a little bit naked and run around. My whole time there was pretty euphoric, but this image sums it up. Remember you can still get involved too by checking out Ben and Jerry's Instagram website or Facebook.


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