Saturday, 19 January 2013

#captureeuphoria Day 6

Today's #captureeuphoria post, for the Ben and Jerry's Instagram competition is about my job, because I'm one of those lucky people who wakes up every morning and wants to go to work (apart from on days off, when I don't ever want to wake up). I work in a Lush shop and it really is the best job ever, I love the girls I work with, I love the company and I love the products. So I'm sharing my favourite bath ballistic/bubble bar cocktail, perfectly named the Mermaids bath. It consists of a big blue bath ballistic  (lemon, sea salt and lavender loveliness) and a sunny side bubble bar (citrusy, shimmery and uplifting). Together they create the most beautiful turquoise, shimmering bath with a wonderful uplifting sent. I could lay there for hours pretending to be a mermaid (especially as I have't had my hair cut in so long, I can make a mermaid like hair bra). If you want to post your euphoric pictures as well check out Ben and Jerry's Instagram website and Facebook.


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