Monday, 14 January 2013

#captureeuphoria Day 1

Last week Ben and Jerry's asked me if I wanted to get involved in their #captureeuphoria Instagram competition. Am I going to say no to anything involving Ben and Jerry's? Hell no! So for the next week I'll be posting a picture each day which shows my euphoria for the day. Most of my life and euphoric moments involve food, but I'm looking forward to posting a bit more about other things in my life as well. The best part is you can get involved too, check out the website or the Facebook page for more information.

To start this off, I had to go for something good. So what better than my favourite burger restaurant, Atomic Burger! I ask Mr Hef if we can do a lot of things, mainly things I know he will say no to, such as 'Can we go all the way to Brighton to go to a restaurant? Can we go to London to see the dinosaurs? (he actually said yes to that in the end) Can we go and stay in a tree house?' (I really want to stay in a treehouse). I must ask to go to Atomic Burger on a regular basis now, because it's been nearly a year since our last visit, but this time when I asked he said yes! I've been excited ever since. So this is my first #captureeuphoria moment, because there really is nothing quite as euphoric as that first bite of an Atomic Burger. I had a veggie Big Kahuna, which had swiss cheese, pineapple and teriyaki sauce on top, with a side of sci fries (triple fried, chili and garlic coated fries, mmmmmm). All washed down with a sugar puffs milkshake (which was topped with fizz whizz, of course).


I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Atomic Burger! Do you live near Oxford Heather? I live about 25 minutes away and would eat at A.B every day if I could!

I live in Milton Keynes, so kind of close. Probably a good thing as I would also eat at Atomic Burger every day if I could as well! It's so yummy :D

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