Tuesday, 15 January 2013

#captureeuphoria Day 2

SNOW! Yes, snow the most exciting hazardous weather condition ever! I love snow for around half an hour every year, before it ruins my ability to drive (I had a tiny accident involving my new car and the curb this morning), makes me really cold and stops everything in the UK working. Regardless, that first half an hour is like pure white magic falling from the sky. There was only a small spattering (is that a real word?) this morning, but just enough for me to run outside in my onesie to make a snow angel, while my less than impressed younger brother took pictures from the window. So this is today's #captureeuphoria post, playing in the snow is pretty much as euphoric as you get. Remember you can get involved as well by checking out Ben and Jerry's Capture Euphoria website or their Facebook.


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