Monday, 27 December 2010


This Christmas my dad brought me something I really wanted, but probably shouldn't have. My very own fondue pot! I know fondue is very 60's, unless you're in France or Switzerland, but I was still very excited. The first time I tried fondue was when my boyfriend took me to Paris. I was looking on the internet for restaurants that would serve vegetarian food, and found Pain, Vin, Fromages a tiny restaurant that serves traditional french fondue, as well as raclettes and tartiflettes. The restaurant was amazing and I instantly fell in love with fondue, well, what's not to love, melted cheese on crusty bread!

And when we got home we realised that my boyfriends parents had a fondue pot! We have fondue as an occasional treat, as I'm sure its about as bad as eating 5 big macs. And I now that I have my own pot I can share this much loved treat with some other friends and family. It may be retro food, but this social dish should have a revival! I used my pot for the first time tonight and shared it with my mum, but I forgot to buy methylated spirit, so it was powered by cupcake candles!


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