Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Dinner.

Can I call it a success? Well probably not, firstly it was supposed to happen on Saturday but the terrible snow saw an end to that. Despite my boyfriends best efforts to make sure it happened, as I saw the snow getting heavier and heavier, I decided to stop cooking and go to bed. So we had it last night instead, and although the food was maybe not as good as it could have been it was still exactly how I wanted it, filling up on food and feeling festive. Because of the snow I didn’t think two of my friends could come, and one was ill which was going to leave me as the only vegetarian! It felt really silly making myself a veggie wellington so I made a few small ones instead, but luckily one veggie friend braved the snow and made it all the way from Oxford and I had someone to share it with. Aside from that the night started well with the starter, probably because it was piss easy to make, and would have taken a complete idiot to muck it up! But the main was a bit more tricky, despite putting the beef wellington in for quite a bit longer than it said on the recipe, when I got it out it was really rare! And to me looked inedible. Luckily my mum came down at this time and managed to salvage the meat while I had a small nervous breakdown. After that the cheesecake was okayish, but nothing compared to the chocolate fudge brownie sundae from last year. I think I’ll stick to Hotel Chocolat’s brownie recipe for now; it’s so much richer and gooier. The cheeseboard was the savior of the night! All in all, I don’t think it was as successful as last year and I don’t think I will do it next year (I bet I forget how stressful it all was and decide to do it again) but it was still such a nice night and I love cooking for people more than ever.
I’ve realised that I can’t upload any pictures because I think I’ve left the camera cable at uni, well that or it’s in my room, but I’m too lazy to look for it so I can only provide this image of the totally destroyed cheese board.


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