Friday, 17 December 2010


So, it’s 8 days until Christmas and that can only mean one thing, food, food and more food! Tomorrow will be my annual Christmas dinner with my friends, which started out about 5 years ago as vegetarians only, but now, seems to have merged into a dinner for everyone. I must confess, although the meat eaters came last year my mum did the meat. So this will be the first year I have cooked meat! And it’s not like I never cook it, I sometimes do for my family or boyfriend, but nothing fancy. I went to look at the meat for the beef wellington I’m making and realised I way out of my depth! There we’re so many different cuts! Cooking meat isn’t my favourite thing to do, but I’m not one of those preachy vegetarians who hate the stuff. If people enjoy it then it’s just the same as me enjoying my vegetarian food. So today I am going to go shopping for the ingredients and start the prep, this is what I’ve decided on so far:
Goat’s cheese and apple salad
Beef Wellington or Butternut squash wellington
Raspberry brownie cheesecake
A shit load of cheese

I love the fact that everyone gets excited about food. Especially the cheese aspect, because I love cheese! And a good cheeseboard is the key to ending any meal successfully! This year everyone is bringing a cheese for the board, because last year one of my friends ending up spending as much on cheese as I did for the whole meal! I picked a truffle butter Camembert for mine, as it is just the best cheese I have ever had and I can’t really justify buying it otherwise because it is so expensive. Anyway I hope it all goes well and I’m sure I will be posting lot’s of lovely pictures!


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