Friday, 5 August 2011

Vegan Pot Luck IV

After the success of last months pot luck there was no question that Emma and I wanted to go again to sample some more vegan delights. It was held in the Ms.Cupcake shop again, which means you can also browse their amazing range of cupcakes and other goodies. I really wanted to make something savoury this time, but the baking impulse in me took over and I ended up making chocolate shortbread sandwiches and Emma made a raw apple pie (I will post them both soon!). We were only twenty minutes late this time and it's lucky we were because the food went a lot quicker! Again, there was loads on offer including vegan pizza, corn dogs, banana bread, brownies and the wheaty dish from SSOV. Obviously I'm not vegan, but I do make a lot of vegan dishes and I find the potluck is great for inspiration for dishes without dairy. And of course I'd recommend it to any vegans in London who want to try new food and meet other like-minded people. Here are some (not very good quality, sorry) pictures :) 

lovely savoury dishes 
A bad picture of the sweet table, sorry! 
My dish at the potluck

You can read more about it and see better pictures on Fat Gay Vegan's blog here! Unfortunately he was on holiday this month so wasn't hosting the pot luck, but the ladies in charge did a fabulous job in his absence! 


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