Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Veggie Percy Pigs

As I've said before, in the last 7 years of my vegetarianism I have been on a quest to find nice veggie sweets! When Goody Good Stuff launched their range I was finally satisfied and gave up the search. But this week Marks and Spencers launched the geletine free Veggie Percy Pig, and obviously I was dying to try them.

The appearance is exactly the same, except for the green ear, which is great as it gives you peace of mind that a non veggie one hasn't slipped in to the pack. From what I can remember of Percy Pigs (I probably haven't had them in at least 10 years) they taste the same, and the texture is the perfectly chewy for a sweet with out geletine. Overall I am very impressed and the fact that they are so readily available is amazing! Hopefully they bring out more in the future (I'm looking at you Colin the Caterpillar).


This my lovely is happiness right in a little green bag! Marks & Spencers have seen me A LOT lately. x

Haha me too, especially with the jellies x

a review here:

I'm excited to hear this!! Do you know if they are suitable for vegans?

Unfortunately not :( Have you ever tried Goody Good Stuff? They have a vegan range, I'll be reviewing them next week so stay tuned!

What a shame!

I've had a couple of goody good stuff products - I'll definitely read your review, it would be ace if you could say which ones are vegan when you write it!

Where in the UK are you by the way?

Of course! I have a lovely vegan hamper to give away too :) I've just moved back to Milton Keynes after uni in Southampton. I'm loving your blog by the way! especially all the baking.

Cool, I look forward to it!

I really like the look of your chocolate shortbread sandwiches, I'm definitely going to try making them - and I've added you to my google reader :o)

What is milton keynes like in terms of eating out? Any veggie places?

Yay :) Milton Keynes is a bit rubbish to be honest! I think there's one vegetarian restaurant called Veggie World, and it's hardly ever open! I see on your profile you're from Oxford, is there any good veggie places there?

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