Monday, 11 July 2011

Vegan Pot Luck III

(Muffiny mess)

Sorry again about my lack of blogging! I had a very busy week last week and worked all weekend, so I haven't had time to post about the fantastic vegan pot luck I went to with Emma last wednesday. Despite being an hour and 20 minutes late there was still loads for us to try, and the selection of food, the atmosphere and the people were truly amazing. It was hosted by Fatgayvegan and held in the Ms Cupcake store in Brixton (best cupcake ever! I will get to that) so thank you to them for making it possible!

(my muffins at the pot luck)

I made some mini muffin bites based on the recipe from my Phoebe's Ice Cream and Vegan Muffins post, but this time I made raspberry and choc chip and caramelised banana and choc chip. Here's the recipe card I took!

And Emma made this very colourful, carrot, red cabbage, coriander and poppy seed salad. Yum!

The food really was remarkable and everyone put a lot of effort in to bringing an amazing dish! My favourites had to be a sweet potato topped shepherds pie and the spinach & leek pakoras and to be honest there wasn't anything I didn't like! It was also the first time I've tried Redwood's (who kindly sponsored the pot luck) 'meatballs' which were turned into delicious English and Italian inspired dishes by the Ms. Cupcake team. I urge anyone who is interested in animal product free food to go to the next one with one of their creations and get try lots of others (and also take a lunch box, we made the huge mistake of forgetting!)

(Terrible quality photo, but lovely vegan food!)

So it was a day of firsts for me, my first vegan pot luck, first vegan meat balls and my first Ms. Cupcake cake and oh my god! It was genuinely the best cupcake I have ever had. I went for the Ferro Roche one on the recommendation of Emma, it was like a piece of chocolatey, hazelnut heaven! I also brought some marshmallows because I really want to make vegan smores, but unfortunately they didn't make it home (I couldn't resist).

You can read Fatgayvegans post and see some of the other lovely dishes here :)

P.s I will post the caramelised banana and chocolate chip muffin recipe tomorrow!


It was a great night! Can't wait until the next one.

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