Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Ultimate S'more

I love a good BBQ (weather permitting) but there's been something missing recently. The toasted marshmallows. Fire somehow makes them about 100% better, the crisp caramelised shell containing a hot gooey mess. Delicious! 
When I brought a pack of sweet vegan marshmallows, they only had to fulfill one criteria, to toast well. So what better recipe to try it out with than the s'more! I've had them on my brain ever since the marshmallows came through the post and so I finally put them to the test. My verdict? Perfect, they crisped up so well on the outside and brought back lovely BBQ memories.

What you need:
Cookies - you can make these with the cookie dough recipe here (just leave out the oreo unless you want a really indulgent s'more!) or buy them if you're feeling lazy!
4 vegetarian marshmallows
4 chunks of your favourite chocolate
Maybe some strawberries if you feel like adding a tiny health factor (I didn't)

  1. Place your one of your cookies so the top is facing down.
  2. Toast your marshmallows on the BBQ, a gas ring on a cooker or campfire and place them on top of your cookie.
  3. Fill the gaps with chocolate chunks (and strawberries if you want) then sandwich with another cookie.
  4. Pop in the microwave for 10 seconds to melt the chocolate a bit.
  5. Fatty on down


I would like to fatty on down right now to these. Heaveeeeeeen

Very well done-love that you subbed the cookie for the graham crackers. Deliciously indulgent!

Yummy! xx

What an awesome idea! I just got some mini marshmallows recently, and I was just going to eat them randomly or put them in hot chocolate, I totally didn't think of doing this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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