Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great Taste Market - Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes isn't exactly what you'd call a foodie paradise, there's a few farmers markets here and there but nothing too exciting. So I was more than happy to see that there was a food market happening in the center, it's nestled in the destination dining section which is the perfect spot right in the middle of the new(ish) restaurants. I think it may be coming a monthly thing, as it was on last month too (I hope so any way). Although small there was quite a few good stalls, and amongst them the amazing chocolatier Lucky's! Although I intended to buy some cheese from La Cave and bread from The Flour Station (the bread looked amazing!) my sweet tooth got the better of my and I brought 3 Lucky's brownies and 4 bags of Zaramama popcorn. Overall it was a lovely little market, and it brought some much needed foodie stalls into the city! Here's a few pics:

Blue mountain popcorn, it actually came out slightly blue hoorah!

Lucky's Brownies (You need to try these, they are beyond amazing!)


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