Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fish-less Finger Pie

The fabulous Peach Trees and Bumblebees site launched last week, if you haven't already checked it out get your self over there! It's full of fantastic recipes from various foodies, and if you have a recipe you're dying to share you can submit it as well. One of my favourite recipes from the site has to be the fish finger pie, it's the perfect student dish, and quite simply genius! Now obviously I don't eat fish but, luckily Quorn just brought out fish-less fingers, so it was the perfect opportunity to give those a try too!

(pie in the making)

I don't really like meat/fish subsitutes and very rarely have them (they're saved for the easy option at a bbq) but these were actually quite nice. I'm not sure if they taste anything like the real things, but they worked perfectly in this dish. The dish in its self is the perfect easy, comforting and delicious food you want after a hard day. Veggie or not give it a try, you can find the recipe here.


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