Friday, 29 July 2011

Georgie's Blackberry Jam

I've always thought that jam would be really hard to make and therefore have never bothered trying! But this week I went to visit my friend Georgie, and after some serious blackberry picking we decided to give it a try. It's so easy! This recipe is simple with only 2 ingredients and according to Georgie's mum the blackberries naturally have pectin in their skin which makes the jam set, it's like actual magic! I have no measurements, but you need a lot of blackberries (we had half this basket full, which made 2 jars) so you need to get your foraging on!

You need: 

Blackberries and Sugar! 

So to make the Jam wash your berries well, then chuck in a pan with a tiny bit of water (just to stop the berries sticking) and leave on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes until the juice has been extracted and the berries have gone mushy! then strain the berries through a sieve into a measuring jug until you have extracted all the juice. Take note of how much liquid there is (in our case it was 600ml) and then pour the juice back into the pan. Then fill the measuring jug up to the same point as the juice with sugar (so in our case 600ml of sugar) then add to the juice in the pan. Heat the jam to a rolling boil and leave for around 10 mins until you put a spoon in and the jam starts of form in soft droplets while dripping off. Funnel in to sterilised jars and leave to cool and set! 

The jam is perfect with earl grey scones and clotted cream! 

I also have to mention Todd, the cutest dog ever, who helped georgie make the jam by jumping up the backs of her legs to try and see what we were doing! awww. 


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