Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cheese, Wine, Cider and Beer

My friend paul messaged me last week declaring that he needed cheese and wine, so I thought we may as well recreate the time two years ago where we all ate too much cheese and felt super ill. Everyone brought different cheeses, so there were loads to try and probably far too much for 8 people. Jack brought babybels and cheese strings, he was also responsible for picking up plates, nuff said!
I picked up the Royal Windsor from Morrisons, I assume it's in because of the Royal Wedding, but I just wanted it because it was a weird colour! I also got some brie and smoked cheddar because those are my favourites. Then I went to Waitrose (super market of dreams) with Mike to get his cheese and the cheese counter guy was recommending us loads of cheeses and wine to go with them, although it fell on deaf ears because I was drinking cider and Mike was on the beers. Anyway this cheese guy was awesome, and told us that cheese was a more expensive habit than smoking and that he thought the recession was down to people quitting smoking because of the smoking ban. It's an interesting theory, he claimed it was becoming widely recognised.

It was a fun night, despite what this picture of everyone might depict. I only managed to take one and I cut Dreams and Phoebe out by accident! I can't wait for the next one, but I remember why I left it two years. Total cheese overload!


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