Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cake Pops/Balls

I'm a bit late jumping on the cake pop bandwagon, they even sell them in Starbucks now, but better late than never right? My mums having a bake sale at her nursery again next week and I thought these would be perfect for the kids!

I found the instructions on Bakerella but definitely wasn't brave enough to try the cupcake shapes yet, so me and Simone got to making some cake ball pops. We used a devils food cake mix and betty crocker chocolate fudge icing to make the inside. You could make your own cake and frosting from scratch, but the process is quite lengthy so I wouldn't recommend it!

After we cooked the cake and let it cool we crumbled it up and mixed the frosting in to make this weird mud like mixture and rolled it into balls. After that we chilled them in the fridge for about 3 hours, ready to be dipped in chocolate.

We tried our hardest to make the pops, but they just did not work! I think the balls were too big for the sticks so they just kept falling off. Only two of them actually worked so we gave up and decided to just makes cake balls instead!

These turned out much better and were easier to dip in the chocolate and cover in sprinkles!

It was a fun experiment and I hope I can make the pops work for next week, but I think I'll try smaller balls and bigger sticks!


These cake pops look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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