Monday, 11 April 2011

Southbank Chocolate Festival

My first ever food related post was about the Southbank Chocolate Festival last year, so I thought it was only right to carry on the tradition and go again this year. I stayed with my vegan friend Emma at her house in Greenwich and promised to make her a nice vegan meal, we ended up having this...

What a good friend I am! But on to the Chocolate festival, last year was all about finding raw and interesting chocolates. This year though was all about indulgence, I decided that I could buy 3 things for myself (if I could I would have brought loads!) I ended up buying the Mocha Madness from Lucky's, Salted Caramel lollys from Paul Wayne Gregory (the guy at the stall said they we're the best confectionary in the UK, and since trying one of the lollys I agree) and a Raspberry and a Chocolate beer from Meantime. I know there's 5 things in the picture, but I'm counting the beers as 1, and the oreo cheesecake was for my boyfriend so it doesn't count :)

Every stall at the festival had something different and even though its small there is a lot to see! My favourites pretty much remain the same and for the same reasons, interesting products, good quality chocolate and attractive packaging! Even though I didn't buy from two of them, my favourite stalls were Lucky's

Artisan Du Chocolat
I finally got to try their tobacco chocolate and it was as good as I'd imagined, sweet with an unusual aftertaste!

and Rococco

So all in all it was an amazing day, the sun was shining and not only did I get to look at chocolate for most of the day but we also had a really nice walk along the Thames. As well as food and cocktails in Las Igunas! I will definitely have to carry on the tradition and go again next year. (sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, I couldn't be bothered to lug my slr around!)


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