Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Banana Jelly

You may remember that in my giant chili sweet potato skins post I was gushing a bit about my love for Morrisons. Well... That love has just gotten a whole lot stronger, because a few days ago I found something a bit exciting. Vegetarian jelly!!! And not only is it animal free, it also comes in banana flavour... AMAZING.

So I thought it would be my blogging duty to let you know how it was. First of all it's not like traditional jelly, as you can see it comes in florescent green crystals. And because it's not made with gelatine you've got carrageen (a type of seaweed) instead, pretty weird right! But it doesn't affect the flavour at all, it tastes like just like yummy synthetic banana.

Making it is just as simple as regular jelly and this one sets in about half an hour so you don't have to wait to eat it! I found this scary fish mold when I was cleaning out my dads house and decided to steal it incase I ever made jelly again. Obviously a great decision, because now I have a whole banana flavoured jelly fish sitting in my fridge :) There were loads of other flavours too, I can't remember them all but I want to try out mango and pineapple next.

So if you're a veggie or vegan and you're missing the wobbly stuff, I definitely recommend a trip down the world foods isle in Morrisons! Happy jellying. 


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