Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mildreds, Soho

I'm on holiday, woohoo. Not an actual abroad holiday, I'm just not working. But being on 'holiday' has made this week a very indulgent one, I've brought new clothes, done my room up a bit and of course I had to fit a good meal in. So off I went to London to meet vegan Emma, who had suggested going to Mildreds. I've read a few very good reviews before so I immediately said yes. From the other reviews I read, it seems like it gets very busy and you end up waiting for a table, we went very early (just before 5) so we didn't have any trouble, but by the time we left the place was buzzing!

Chargrilled roman style artichoke crostini
The restaurant is really cute and cosy which made me like it even before the food came. There was a good variety of dishes on the menu taking inspiration from all over the world and there was a lot of vegan/veggie options that can be turned into vegan options on the menu which meant Emma had a lot to choose from too! We decided to get 2 starters we both liked the look of so that we could share. So we had the tostada with grilled courgette and aubergine, lettuce, pico de gallo and guacamole and the chargrilled roman style artichoke crostini but with basil mayo instead of lemon aioli so that it was vegan. Both starters were so tasty, but overall I think the crostini won it for me, which is weird because as you may know I bloody love nachos and the tostada was like a massive one. But the lemony chargrilled artichoke, with crusty bread and basil mayo was the perfect start to the meal for me.

Usually before I go to a restaurant I scour the menu online because I am notoriously bad at making up my mind, but because I didn't have time and the reviews had already sold it to me I didn't on this occasion. Despite this as soon as I saw the bean, tarragon and sundried tomato sausages served with celeriac mustard mash and cavolo nero with pear cider jus I knew it was the one for me. Mainly because I freaking LOVE mustard mash, cavolo nero and cider gravy, so there was no competition really! I don't think the picture does the portion size justice, it was huge and every element tasted amazing. I especially loved the celeriac mustard mash and the pear cider jus topped everything off with a hint of sweetness.
Bean Sausages and celeriac mash
Emma had the mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pie served with fries and mushy peas, which I tried despite my severe hatred for mushrooms. It was still delicious, especially the minted mushy peas!

Mushroom and ale pie
As you can imagine, after this point Emma and I could barely move, but the deserts looked so good we just couldn't pass them up. Luckily you can get desert to take away, so went went for that option and took them home with us to eat after we were on the safer side of fullness. This was the only part of the meal where I didn't go for the vegan option, but I couldn't pass up the chance to try the white chocolate and pistachio cheesecake. I'm glad I didn't because it was simply deeeelightful! The only problem was that I was still slightly full so I didn't manage to eat it all in one go. When I get too full I can't stand having food anywhere near me, so I moved it to the kitchen, however 5 minutes later I some how found myself eating it again, definitely the sign of a good cake! Emma had the banana and coconut tofu cheesecake, which she kindly let me try and I can confirm that it is also amazing!

Pistachio and white chocolate cheesecake
Banana and coconut tofu cheesecake
So if you happen to be in London any time soon, definitely give this one a go. Just get there slightly early so you don't have to wait for a table!


The sausages and mash sound great! Sure you couldn't wheedle a sneaky sausage recipe from them? I've never heard of Mildred's but as we occasionally venture to London, and love finding new restaurants in Soho area, this will definitely go on the list. if I can get past the incredible Vietnamese places first! Thanks for sharing Heather

I wish they had given me the recipe! They were so tasty. I wish I could make it to London more often, there's so much more on offer x

This place does have some great food! The tofu cheesecake really does intrigue. I will need to find a recipe for that-yum! I love restaurant reviews-they always do inspire me to try and make the things at home.
Time off from work is definitely a holiday and sometimes vacations to outside towns are much more fun than traveling abroad. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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