Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Today I’ve been researching flexitarianism for my work, and it’s thrown up some weird questions to me. Some people define themselves as vegetarian despite eating gelatine and fish, which to be honest I don’t really see as vegetarian, but how can people label themselves as vegetarian if they eat meat. I think it would be a whole lot easier if there just weren’t any labels, in the last 7 years I’ve gone from not eating meat but still fish, to giving up fish but still eating gelatine, then giving up gelatine and all animal by products and during this time I have been told that I AM NOT A VEGETARIAN, well fair enough I agree that I obviously wasn’t when I ate fish but it’s just easier to say to someone in a restaurant ect. I read an article this week that said that food will no longer be labelled as vegetarian but as meat free instead, which really I think is a good thing, its promoting the food rather than the fad of being vegetarian and also promoting the ethical reasons for not eating meat. And as for saying that vegetarianism is a fad, for some I agree, I remember a time when nearly all of my friends were vegetarian but now most of them have succumbed to meat or fish. Looking in to flexitarianism, I started thinking about whether I could ever introduce meat into my diet, I honestly don’t think I could, but I’d never say never. Anyway I found this during my research and I think It’s a really interesting view on food and what we choose to eat.

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