Wednesday, 19 January 2011

London, inSpiral and more

Last saturday I went to London to visit my friend. I don't know why I don't go more often, it's 30 minutes on a virgin train and costs next to nothing with my rail card. I love London because it's such an amazing cultural hub and offers so much more than I could ever find in Milton Keynes or Southampton. There wasn't really an object of the trip other than to find a party dress (a velvet one, that would be reminiscent of a kids party dress, to be exact) and to go for a vegan meal. When we discovered, much to my friends horror that the vegan bus had disappeared we searched for a new restaurant to try and found loads that looked amazing. After a shopping trip in Brick Lane, we moved on to Camden and I couldn't resist going to inSpiral! I've been there before and although I wanted to try something new, I knew that inSpiral was good and decided I could try something different off the menu. The food they serve is truly inspired and delicious, this time I had a tofu and spinach pie and for some reason I can't remember what I had the other two times, but I know they were amazing.

They also sell a selection of goodies including raw chocolate, vegan cakes and superfoods. Before I went in I was determined to get some cake, peanut butter cake to be exact but I was so full after, so I resisted, I have lived to thoroughly regret this decision . I did pick up some wasabi kale chips though which are surprisingly nice, I've wanted to try them for ages, since seeing them in a local health food shop but these are even better because anything wasabi flavored is good in my books.

Earlier in the day we'd stopped for a tea and cocktail in a shisha bar and I decided to order some hummus and pitta as I'd so far only eaten seeds that day! And this is the reason I love London so much, there is such a varied array of food and culture around every corner. I could never stop here for a homemade hummus and cherry tea break, and the go out to a vegan cafe for dinner. I hope that sometime in my life I can live in London, so that I can properly explore and venture out of my comfort zone to try new things.


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