Thursday, 13 January 2011

Comfort Food

For me the ultimate comfort food has be macaroni cheese. My favourite way to have mac and cheese is with loads of green vegetables, because not only does it make me feel a bit less guilty for eating a really indulgent meal, it also stops it being too sickly. When I made it this week I decided to add some kale too (as part of trying new things, although I haven't made any new recipes yet!) which worked really well. So here is my favorite, slightly healthier mac and cheese recipe:

100g macaroni
1 packet cheese powder,
100g cheddar cheese,
1/2 pint Milk,
1 tsp Mustard,
25g spinach,
25g kale,
1 leek chopped,
1 green pepper chopped,


I've never measured this before so I generally just guess how much I need of everything. To start I fill the pasta dish with enough pasta to make one layer, and then boil it until al dente. While the pasta is boiling put the leeks and pepper in to a pan and saute in a bit of oil. When the pasta has 5 minutes left add the kale to the water and at the end add the spinach to wilt. drain the pasta, kale and spinach and place in the pasta dish. Then add the pepper and leeks to the dish and mix up well. Next make up the cheese sauce according to the pack, and add a tsp of english mustard and pour over the pasta and vegetables. Mix well and cover in grated cheese, and pop in the oven for about 20 minutes until the cheese is bubbling and enjoy.


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