Sunday, 16 June 2013

Rick Stein's Fish and Chips

A few years ago my family and I came to Cornwall and went on a search for Rick Steins fish, unfortunately we're all as useless as each other and never found it. It remained a mystery until Mr Hef and I came back to padstow a few years later and forced him to come to the Lobster Sanctuary with me, (you can imagine how happy he was) we didn't eat there that time because I'm pretty sure there's no vegetarian option. Luckily there is now and after a 6 hour journey to Mawgan Porth, a run around the beautiful house we're staying in and a little wander to the beach we were all ready for some good old fish (well not fish for me) and chips. The only vegetarian option on the menu is deep fried halloumi, with chipotle mayo in a sesame bun, which is the best option I have ever found at a fish and chip restaurant.

As you can probably tell from the picture, it was freaking delicious! The rest of the menu was all different types of fish and even Mr Hef (and avid fish avoider) tried the fish and enjoyed it! I would happily go back and eat it over and over again!

Hopefully this is just the start of lot's of lovely food adventures, I've brought some loose fitting clothes and I'm expecting to be squeezing in to them by the time I go home. This is the beautiful house I mentioned earlier... I never want to leave.


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