Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Being Green

With some left overs from valentines last week and in the spirit of trying new recipes I decided to try two new things last week. One of them being an asparagus and (veggie) parmesan tart as I had a massive craving for asparagus and all of the other ingredients sitting in my fridge. It was really good, but as with most things I make I made the biggest portion in the world and ended up eating loads. You can find the recipe here.

The second thing I made was leek and pea soup from the Asda Magazine. I didn't use the cream though because I just don't like it in soups, I dropped a bit of the left over mascarpone in the middle instead. I think it's always worth picking up free magazines from supermarkets, in my opinion Asda and Morrisons do the best ones and there's always veggie stuff in them. They quite often pick things that are in season as well, making it a bit better for the environment. I've got one new recipe I want to try this week which is Gnocchi with roasted squash, fingers crossed it turns out okay!


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