Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer Baking

I swear the weather is never nice on my days off, it will be sunny all week and then when I have a day off, bam, it's raining. It's just not fair! This week was no exception! I am forever optimistic, so even though it was pouring down on the Tuesday, I still managed to fit in some summer baking in anticipation of a beautiful summer picnic on the Wednesday. I checked out some delicious picnic recipes and decided to make some caramelised onion and feta tarts (what's more summery than a lovely tart!) and some good old scones, I made some simple buttermilk scones and there are more scone recipes at

Unfortunately Wednesday wasn't as optimistic as me and the weather didn't turn out too well. None the less, I decided not to let it dampen my spirits and enjoy my picnic from the comfort of my own home, with my glamourous assistant mike. A homemade picnic is the best kind of picnic and I can't wait to have a day off in the sun and bake even more picnic goodies! 

If you're feeling bad for my lack of sunshine, don't worry too much, the weather was nice enough for me to take Monty (my mum's friends tiny baby pug) out for a walk.


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