Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Sometimes its hard being a vegetarian at a BBQ, I always feel like a bit of a burden and am usually faced with the 'but it's okay if I put your totally meat free burger on the BBQ and cover it with meat juices isn't it?' dilemma. Well, this week I had a BBQ at my house and I (hopefully) wasn't a burden to anyone but myself. And I was only a burden to myself because I have really poor time management skills and spent too much time playing with dogs and not enough time making food. Anyway, in the time I did spend making food I made smoky butter bean burgers, with vegan pulled pork and beer braised onions, halloumi kebabs, minted, honey and mustard potato salad and a ginger and cranberry cocktail. 

The burger was immense. I've made vegan pulled pork before, but this time I put a lot more love and care in to it an it turned out great. I will post the recipe for it sometime this week (hopefully, again my time management is pretty poor).

These halloumi kebabs have been a BBQ staple made by my mum ever since I turned vegetarian, it wouldn't feel right without them! I brought some handmade halloumi which I'm pretty sure I brought from Ashridge Delicious, you literally just stick it on a skewer with some vegetables of your choice, grill and eat.

A BBQ wouldn't be a BBQ without a potato salad, so I whipped up this one with the new potatoes from my Able and Cole veg box and also used their recipe for minted honey mustard potato salad. I love it, probably because mustard is one of my favourite things ever (especially when eaten straight from the jar!)

And last but not least a cocktail. I probably drink alcohol around once a month, maybe even less, but I am a sucker for a yummy cocktail every now and again. I was sent some Kings Ginger Liqueur along with this recipe, so I had to try it out. It's super yummy, refreshing and perfect for the summer.


This BBQ food loves lovely, especially the kebabs! Makes a nice change to have a BBQ thats not full of meat and looks just as good!
I'm sure your guests loved it!

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