Friday, 12 April 2013

Spicy Courgette Fritters with Lime and Coriander Tzatziki

Last week I got some courgettes in my veg box and although I eat them quite a lot, I couldn't decide what to do with them. Every time I opened the fridge, they were there, looking at me, making me feel bad about not eating them. So I took action and turned them in to fritters, mainly because my mum had brought me some spinach and pine nut balls and I couldn't decide what to do with them (I was obviously lacking inspiration last week). So I decided to make myself a small mezze of yummy things. Then I told my mum about my plans and she wanted some, then my little brother got involved and then I discovered that Mr Hef hadn't eaten and since he no longer lives with him mum and is useless in the kitchen, I feel like it's my duty to feed him. So the mezze ended up being giant, so big it took up my whole dining table! We had the courgette fritters, homemade lime and coriander tzatziki, garlic potatoes, spinach and pine nut balls, olives, hummus, sun dried tomatoes and spelt and rye bread. So if you're looking for something to serve them with, all of those options make a brilliant meal!

For the fritters:

2 courgettes
4 tbsp gram flour + a bit extra for coating
1 small chili, chopped in to little bits
100g vegetarian parmesan (they sell it in Morrisons now, yay)
Salt and pepper
Olive oil

Lime and Coriander Tzatziki:

1/2 a medium cucumber
200g greek yoghurt
A handful of coriander, chopped finely
1 tbsp lime juice
Salt and Pepper
  1. Start by grating the courgettes and popping them in to a sieve over a bowl, place a heavy weight on top (I used a heavy bowl) and leave for 15 minutes to drain the juice out of them. 
  2. Pour the juice away, then transfer the grated courgettes to a bowl and add in the gram flour, veggie parmesan, chopped chili and a bit of salt and pepper and mix in well. 
  3. Put the mixture to one side to absorb the flour and other flavours, and start making the Tzatziki by peeling the cucumber. 
  4. Grate the cucumber in to a sieve over a bowl and repeat the process you just did for the courgette. 
  5. After 15 minutes pour away the cucumber juice and pop the cucumber in to a bowl, add the yoghurt, coriander, lime juice and a pinch of salt and pepper and give it a good old mix up, pop to one side. 
  6. Heat some olive oil in a frying pan (it needs to be very hot!) and take small handfuls of the courgette mixture, squash in to fritter shapes and dust each side with gram flour. 
  7. Pop the fritters in to the pan and fry until they are well done, flipping them over when nice and brown. 
  8. Move to a plate and serve with the tzatziki.


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