Thursday, 13 October 2011

Atomic Pizza

YES, YES, OH YAY. I got to go to Atomic Pizza last week!

I spy a Silver Surfer on the roof
As you may know by now I am a huge fan of Atomic Burger in Oxford, so when I heard that Atomic Pizza would be opening a bit further down Cowley Road, I could barely contain my excitement. I was trying to convince my boyfriend to take me by telling him it was our anniversary, (it usually works) but I think he's cottoned on. Luckily he's lovely and took me any way. 

The restaurant is much bigger than Atomic Burger, which means they could fit in a lot more memorabilia (i.e a Tardis, a carbonite frozen Han Solo, massive Simpsons on the couch, etc etc...). I could have taken a hundred pictures, but you really need to see for yourself! 

Mr Hef (haha) with the Simpsons
Any way, on to the best bit, the food. The menu is colourful and entertaining, with pizzas such as the 'Danger Mouse', 'Hell Boy' and 'Popeye' and has little men with green v flags for us vegetarians. I decided to have nachos for my starter, because... well I'm addicted to them and eat them at any given opportunity. This was definitely a good choice, I've eaten a lot of nachos in my time, and these were up there with the best of them, crispy, with just the right amount of toppings and cheese. My boyfriend (I want to call him Mr Hef on here, but he's not allowing me) had Captain Caveman's Buffalo wings, but I won't dwell on that because this is a vegetarian blog and they're defiantely not veggie. 

'Speedy Gonzales Nachos'
Then for the main I went for a nachoy one again (I really love them that much, I probably would have had a nacho based desert if I could). I had the Cheech and Chong which has veggie chili, jalapenoes, nacho chips and cheese on it. You also get to choose if you want thick, thin or folded crust, I went for thin which was perfect because there was a lot of toppings and I seriously struggled to get it all in. The pizza was amazing, spicy, crunchy and full of chili flavour which goes really well with pizza. The thing I loved most was that it was something you would NEVER find anywhere else, while meat eaters get to fatty on down on amazing pizza toppings, we're stuck with cheese and tomato or vegetables. At first my boyfriend wanted the He-man (bbq pulled pork) but after further examining of the menu and realising that Tony Stark was Iron Man he went for that (basically full of meat), he seemed pretty happy with his choice! AND we got to take the rest home, so we had it as a midnight snack after the first round went down (amazing).  So props to you Atomic Pizza, you've done it again! I'm one very happy customer.

'Cheech and Chong pizza'


This place is on my to-visit list, and since I work in Oxford I should get round to it soon!

It's SO, SO good! Hopefully they can whip up a vegan pizza for you :)

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