Friday, 24 June 2011

Date Night: Katsu Curry and Gourmet Popcorn

As much as I love cooking from scratch, I also like to cheat every now and again. The blue dragon katsu meal kit catches my eye every time I go to the shops, I swear the stuff is addictive. So I thought it would be perfect for me and my boyfriend to make. As I've said before my boyfriend eats meat so we made two separately, I had sweet potato (the kit suggests aubergine, sweet potato and butternut squash) and he had chicken. It was fun to make and tasted as good as I remember so I would definitely recommend it (especially as it only takes 20 minutes).

I think it would be quite easy to recreate from scratch as well so I'll probably try that next. I also saw (the godess that is) Gizzie Erskine make a low fat version on Cook Yourself Thin, so I might adapt a veggie version from that!

Of course date night wouldn't be complete without popcorn and a movie. I picked this Zaramama gourmet popcorn from Wisley gardens, which was a mixture of different kernels. The child inside me hoped that it would pop all colourful like the kernels, of course that didn't happen, but it still tasted pretty good.

And we watched Haggard in honor of Ryan Dunn. CKY, Haggard and Jackass were such a massive part of my child/teenage hood, so it's so sad to hear that Dunn died in such a horrific way. RIP man.


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