Monday, 23 May 2011

Chili Cheese Fries

So it's national vegetarian week and to celebrate I thought I'd post my favourite vegetarian meals for the next 7 days. This one comes from when I went to America about 8 years ago as a non veggie and became obsessed with chili cheese fries. And I mean really obsessed, I pretty much ate them every day, and I even managed to find some to eat at the airport just before we were about to leave. The ones they had at Disney (the best ones) were basically chips, topped with chili and burger cheese (weird plastic cheese). The only problem is that the chips go all soggy and it's obviously quite bad for you, so over the last 8 years it has evolved into this.

I made it with the chocolate and chipotle black bean chili, but you can use any vegetarian chili recipe you like. The best thing about making it this way is that you have an edible tortilla bowl, so you can dip the wedges in the chili and eat the bowl after!

Start by making the potato wedges; chop 4 potatoes into wedge shapes and boil for 10 minutes. Then spread out on a tray and spray with fry light or olive oil and cover in any seasoning you like (I used chili and garlic salt) and bake for 30-40 minutes until crispy, tossing half way through. When the wedges are about halfway through cooking start making your chili. Then to make the bowls wrap 2 tortillas around an upside down bowls places on a baking tray and cook for 6 minutes. Pour the chili into the bowl, cover with cheese and serve with the wedges on the side. (serves 2)

(My boyfriend was being artistic with his guacamole)


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