Friday, 10 January 2014

Terre a Terre, Brighton

Happy New Year! It seems that I managed to avoid posting anything for the whole of December, usually me not posting is due to laziness. But the lack of posting in December is due to working a million hours a week and living off of food solely produced by Pret. It's not the best existence and I'm looking forward to reintroducing vegetables and fruit (other than the fruit in mince pies) in to my diet. I'm currently still in the dietary land between Christmas and the rest of the year where it's still totally acceptable to live off of chocolate for a day and treat yourself to decadent meals. So as a post Christmas treat, myself and my friend Hannah G went to Brighton to try the Terre a Terre tapas. I've been to Terre a Terre once before with Mr Hef and I can easily say that it was one of the best meals I've ever had. My meat eating brother has been many more times and claims it's his favourite restaurant!

We got to Brighton and suffered through some freezing torrential rain, a hail storm and winds so strong they nearly blew me off of the street, but it was totally worth it for this. I wish I could remember what everything on this plate was, but when the lady was explaining all I could think about was shoving it in my mouth and it was so good when I did, that I have since forgotten. Everything tasted delicious though and despite there being a lot of different things on the plate the flavours went really well together. The Tapas comes with chunky chips and wine for £39.25, but Hannah and I went for non alcholic cocktails instead (she had a Lychee Blush, lychee and apple juice shaken with ice, topped up with lemonade and drizzled with pomegranate juice and I had can't remember the name of mine, but it contained spiced fruit punch, ginger beer and fresh berries. They were both amazing). I am still in love with Terre a Terre and Brighton in general, so I hope to be off there again soon for more vegetarian delights.


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