Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hotel Chocolat Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg

Mmmmmmmm, chocolate. The sweet, delicious source of food happiness. I, like most people like to indulge in a bit of chocolately goodness every now and then, but there's one time of year that you can really go mental and not feel any guilt and that's easter. I always remember having a shed load of easter eggs when I was younger and it took me weeks to get through them. Now that I'm a bit older I appreciate good quality chocolate and would much rather have 1 ethically produced, good quality Easter egg. So if you're going to do Easter Eggs this year why not do it properly!

The Extra Thick Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat really fit the bill here, they have a great engaged ethics program, they even have their own cocoa plantation making it a guilt free Easter egg in more ways than one. You may find them a little bit pricey at £26, when you can buy 26 regular eggs for that price, but you really are getting your moneys worth with this one. The shells of the Rocky Road to Caramel egg (the one I tried) are made from 40% cocoa milk chocolate giving it a smooth rich taste, one half is studded with cookies puffed rice and chocolate chunks and the other half coated with caramel chocolate, which gives it a variety of flavors and textures which all complement each other. And when they say 'extra thick' they really mean it, there's no flimsy chocolate shell here! I literally couldn't break it with my hands!

The best thing about this egg is that it's got a variety of flavours and textures, meaning you can't get bored of it. There's a great mixture of pralines and caramels inside the egg too (yes, it's really that big!) which are all delicious. So if you've got someone special to buy an egg for this Easter (or you really want to indulge) go for this, it's definitely a winner!


This one sounds amazing ! I had the 'you crack me up' egg from there last year ! I would really recommend it :) x

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