Sunday, 29 August 2010

Raw Diet

Raw courgette hummus.

Fully stocked raw fridge!

Starting tomorrow I will be trying a Raw Diet as an experiment, something to write about and hopefully a bit of a detox. I've been reading up on the benefits of a raw diet and the main benefits seem to be more energy and feeling cleansed. At first looking through all the recipes I felt extremely excited about all the new foods I will be eating next for the next 5 days, hopefully this lasts as it will make it so much easier if I can get really stuck in to making all of my meals. I did a quick shop today for everything I needed for the first day, and decided I will start with a smoothie, and have a salad with raw hummus for lunch. I haven't quite decided what to have for dinner, but I like the looks of courgette noodles. I started off today with making my own tahini and courgette hummus for my lunch, it was quite easy to make and will hopefully make my lunch for tomorrow a bit more exciting. I will blog for the next 5 days about what foods I've discovered and how the diet is making me feel. Wish me luck!


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