Saturday, 27 March 2010


Who didn’t love Pokémon? It was the greatest game on the Gameboy Colour ever! I was a HUGE fan. I even had a Pokémon theme for my 21st Birthday. So imagine my delight as a bright yellow leaflet labelled RE: Pokémon fell out of my Vice magazine. Vice has teamed up with Nintendo to promote the Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver and commissioned 7 artists to create Pokémon inspired art works. As it was also the Chocolate festival in London the same weekend (more about that later) I decided a trip to London was in order. The studio where it was held was tiny but perfect to hold the 7 works of art. My favourites were the by Richard Robinson:

and Jeffrey Bowman :

Probably because they both had Pokémon from the original 150. Seriously there’s like a million now, I can’t keep up. The exhibition made me more nostalgic than my birthday and now I really want to buy a Gameboy colour and Pokémon red. I might even embrace the new Pokémon and get Heartgold for my DS.


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